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The YouthfulCities INDEX has been created to measure cities from a youth perspective to amplify young urban perspectives globally.

YouthfulCities is a global social initiative working to rank the world's top cities from a youth (age 15 to 29) perspective. The project has involved over 1500 youth participants from around the world, and is currently developing a YouthfulCitiesINDEX, i.e., an index that ranks cities from the youth perspective, which is scheduled to be launched in October 2013. Currently, YouthfulCities is operating in 25 of the large urban centres worldwide and collecting data on 80 indicators, grouped into 16 categories ranging from public space, transportation and affordability to employment and political participation.


To learn more, visit us at YouthfulCities.

401 Richmond St.

Suite 251
Toronto, ON

Tel: +1 416-599-5400




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